When you look around, you can find many designs and shapes. In another word, Worlds are filled full with new creative and meaningful shapes that are called design.

When a person puts their thoughts on paper it becomes design.

Nevertheless, here, what is the role of designing in the Technical (Engineering) field.

 When a user comes to any new website they first notice and observe the whole website and web application after they decide to stay in it or leave the website. Therefore, here is the prime reason for making the website more attractive. Therefore, many giant companies have a separate team to focus only on design.

 Different models of the engineering design process include different “steps”, but there are a few skills that anyone doing engineering design is likely to use – and most of these you are already familiar with. Here is a list:

  •         Ask questions
  •         Do research
  •         Brainstorm
  •         Draw/sketch
  •         Construct models or prototypes
  •         Conduct tests
  •         Evaluate results
  •         Present solutions
How to Wireframe a website

If you can create an artistic, beautiful website that still sells, that is terrific. However, the artistic statement is icing on the cake. 

There are nine sections of a website.

  • The header
  • The stakes
  • The value proposition 
  • The Plan
  • The Explanatory Paragraph
  • The Video   ( Optional )
  • Price Choice ( Optional )
  • Junk Drawer

There is much software where one can make designs.

  1.   Figma
  2.   Sketch 
  3.   Adobe XD
  4.   Envision Studio
  5.   Framer
  6.   Design on Windows
  7. Miro
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